Thursday, January 22, 2009

Relief from muscular aches and strains

Last year, I wrote about the Young Living range of massage oils and essential oils. I've been using them ever since, and they feel and smell divine.

As part of my plan to get fit this year, I enlisted the help of a personal torturer, er, I mean, personal trainer.

The trainer has had me doing evil lunges and squats while carrying weights that are slightly heavier than I'd use if I was practicing alone...ain't it always the way! He's also had me boxing, doing push ups, chin ups and all manor of weight and resistance work that is truly shocking my body.

I suspect I overdid it this week, and I woke up after two consecutive days of training sessions with muscular pain right through my arms...the weights and boxing seemed to conspire to contract my biceps which made it nearly impossible to straighten my arms!

Regular warm showers have helped to ease the strain, and Young Living's Ortho Ease massage oil has also really helped to soothe the muscles in my upper arm. It's amazing how much heat this oil containing peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme and clary oils (amongst others) can generate when massaged into the skin. I can actually feel it working into my very overworked muscles.

My next training session is next week...can't wait! This time, I'll be more diligent with pre- and post-training stretching and hopefully won't need the Ortho Ease again. In any case, for me it has been a very effective product in helping to ease muscular strain.

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