Sunday, September 21, 2008

EMPOWER - a new magazine worth reading

I discovered a new magazine yesterday - Empower.

With its second issue on the newsstands now, Empower says it is "a magazine to inspire, motivate and challenge you to improve your life."

The brainchild of Helen Rosing, a businesswoman and success coach, many of Empower's articles are written by coaches with different specialties - so they're all very action-oriented, positive and encouraging.

In the launch edition I've just read, there were articles on motivation, the art of forgiveness, complementary therapies such as Reiki and Bowen Therapy, business, career and wealth creation. Almost all of the articles list five or so key tips and provide additional useful resources. Empower also has a group on Facebook, which I imagine will start to generate some interesting conversations over time.

"Giving in Kind" was an article about random acts of kindness, and you can check out reader's acts of kindness at Empower's website. It's nice...uplifting to read about this sort of stuff. And there's a fairly substantial collection of free content on the site.

I really enjoyed the first edition of Empower and hope that the magazine will succeed. I think it's filling an important gap in the women's magazine market.

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