Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Revive Launches Marketing Master Class Series for Small Business Owners

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! With 2010 just around the corner, I'm pleased to announce that Revive has launched a series of marketing master classes that will run in Brisbane and the Gold Coast throughout 2010.

The affordable three-hour master classes are designed for holistic therapists and other small business owners who need to better understand marketing and how to use low-cost online marketing tools to grow their business. The new classes include:

Increasing Revenue in Your Small Business - This master class provides a high-level overview of marketing in which we'll help small business owners to clarify their business vision, understand how to segment the market and identify the most lucrative clients, find new clients and keep existing clients coming back. It also covers the importance of tracking marketing activities.

Marketing Your Business Online - Getting Started - This master class provides an overview of the exciting world of online marketing. It covers why having an online presence is critical, what makes a good website, how to go about creating and structuring business websites, how to make websites visible in the search engines and how to launch a website. It also covers webhosting, domain names and setting up email.

Creating Low-Cost Online Marketing Campaigns - This master class outlines how to build an online presence and take advantage of many of the free and low-cost marketing techniques that the Internet has made available. It covers the importance of targeting an audience, how to build a client database, how to plan marketing campaigns, what landing pages are and why they're critical, and how to track and measure marketing activities. It also looks at some low-cost online advertising options.

Promoting Your Business with Social Media - This master class is about the growing phenomenon of social media and how small businesses can make the most of it. It covers what social media is and outlines some of the many low-cost marketing opportunities this medium makes available. It also covers blogging and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as the opportunities and risks involved with social media. This class looks at several case studies of small businesses that are successfully using social media to attract and retain more clients.

Many small business owners have recognised the need to get their business online and take advantage of low-cost marketing tools and techniques, but still find the whole arena of websites, online marketing and social media daunting. We developed this series of master classes to cater for holistic therapists and other small business owners who want to learn the fundamentals of marketing and then develop their skills over time. The classes provide entry points for businesses that do not yet have a website through to those that really want to give their online marketing activities a boost in 2010.

Revive's master class series kicks off on 3 February 2010, with classes running regularly at Teneriffe in Brisbane, and Nerang on the Gold Coast. Each master class costs $85 and can be booked separately. Further details are available on Revive's master class page, with dates and bookings available via our calendar.

Wishing you and your business much success in 2010!

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