Friday, May 9, 2008

A colourful life – Aura Soma can reveal all!

I’d seen Aura Soma long before I knew what it was. When I worked at Wynyard a few years ago, each day I would walk to my bus stop and pass a little shop with shelves stacked with small glass bottles full of beautiful coloured liquid. No – it wasn’t the local bottle shop, but it was where Aura Soma readings took place.

While I never ventured into that particular shop, I came across it again at the Mind, Body & Soul show last November in London. Once again, I was drawn to the beautiful coloured liquids and had a chat with the people at the stand to find out what it was about.

They explained that this system was about how the colours you chose at any given point reflected your being’s needs. Like tarot readings, Aura Soma practitioners were trained to “read” the bottles and colours that a client selected and provide guidance in the way that the tarot cards might.

The Aura Soma system, they explained, was developed by Vicky Wall. She was an apothecarist during the the Second World War. She later became a chiropodist and opened a clinic with her friend Margaret Cockbain. Vicky suffered from diabetes and later became blind from this ailment. In meditation she was told to separate the waters and so Aura-Soma was born.

The Equilibrium bottles are used for readings and consist of dual coloured bottles (although some bottles do only contain one colour). The bottles contain living energies through crystal energies, colour, herbs and essential oils. The top fraction is oil based while the bottom fraction is water based and carries energies from the Glastonbury Well.

I had a 30-minute reading at the show and was intrigued at how a complete stranger could tell me so much about my personality and what was going in my life at the time, just by looking at the combination of four bottles I had chosen. I bought one of the Equilibrium bottles and continue to use it each day.

I was then given a gift voucher for a full reading, which I had this week at Dolphins & Angels in South Croydon. Simone, who trains Aura Soma practitioners, did my reading and I’m really pleased to have met such a lovely, sensitive lady.

Once again, I was asked to pick four bottles from the full set of 103. Simone explained that these four bottles represented my mission and life purpose, my gifts and talents, the here and now and the possible outcome or future based on the rest of my colour selection.

The rest of the reading then involved her analysing each bottle choice. Throughout the reading, it was really interesting to hear the odd creak. I thought it was the building, but Simone said that it was actually the Equilibrium bottles creaking. She said they did this often, and not to be concerned if one of the bottles actually shattered of its own accord. Being infused with crystals and essential oils, the Equilibrium bottles apparently respond to the energy in the room. Sometime the creaks were really loud – as if the bottles were talking to us. Ok, ok – that may sound odd, but you have to check it out if you don’t believe me!

I have always loved the colour pink, so it came as no surprise when my first choice was a double magenta bottle – Number 67, which in the Aura Soma range, is called Love from Above.

Simone explained that this bottle was about connecting with the soul’s potential and bringing this into everyday life in a practical way. I could really relate to this – not necessarily because I would say I was a “spiritual person”, but because I have always believed in exploring human potential in myself and others. I feel that my recent decision to start my own holistic therapies business is one of the ways this desire to manifest my soul’s potential is singing loud and clear right now. She also said bottle #67 represented grace and abundance. I’m not sure if I could relate so much to the grace aspect, but certainly the abundance aspect was something that resonated. I feel like I have a lot to be grateful for – great family and friends, and lots of choice and opportunity. That, to me, is what abundance is about.

My second bottle choice was called Oberon, which was clear on the top and turquoise on the bottom. This, Simone explained, was about freedom, listening to the inner teacher, and identifying really what the heart really wants. Once again, all of that resonated with the changes going on in my life at the moment, and it helped to put a few things into perspective.

Meanwhile, the bottles over on the backlit shelf creaked away. I giggled each time it happened. I was really hoping one would explode – just to test the energy thing!

My third bottle was called El Morya – Number 50. It was pale blue on pale blue, which kind of surprised me. I love the colour blue, but would usually go for something darker or more vibrant. I loved the peaceful feeling of this bottle though. El Morya was about a readiness to live life from now on in harmony with the greater whole. I thought that was pretty fitting, having just made a fairly major decision to leave corporate life.

And finally, my fourth bottle was called The New Messenger, which was the stunning turquoise once again, over an equally vibrant violet. This colour choice also surprised me – but I was again drawn to the amazing colour combination. Simone explained that this bottle represented a deep transformation. She also said that it was about “creative communication of the heart in the service of others.” Wow! That to me sums up everything I want my holistic therapy business to be about – the physical massage, marketing courses for therapists and a range of other ideas I’m dying to get back to Australia and get going.

Simone summed it all up and said that she felt like there was an incredible flow to my bottle choices. I felt great – very happy and peaceful. And once again, I was amazed by how much this stranger and these bottles could reveal about me in just over an hour and a half.

The voucher entitled me to a product, and Simone recommended a Pomander and a Quintessence. She showed me how to use them both, and after I tried the samples, I decided on the Deep Magenta pomander. Not surprisingly, it was pink – but I chose it before Simone told me it was deep magenta...the pink think sure is alive and kicking in my life!

As we were finishing up the session, the creaking over on the shelf went a bit mad, and one of the bottles literally cracked and shattered onto the floor. My jaw hit the ground at about the same time, and I felt the urge to apologise. Simone laughed and said had expected it. She checked out which bottle had exploded, and it was one that corresponded with tarot – and represented the return journey of the Fool.

I laughed. It seemed completely fitting. The Fool in tarot does not necessarily represent an idiot, but the spirit in search of experience. I like Wikipedia’s definition of The Fool:

“He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool's wisdom and exuberance. On his back are all the possessions he might need. In his hand there is a flower, showing his appreciation of beauty. He is frequently accompanied by a dog, sometimes seen as his animal desires, sometimes as the call of the "real world", nipping at his heels and distracting him. He is seemingly unconcerned that he is standing on a precipice, apparently about to leap, engaged in the supremest act of idiocy or trust."

I prefer to think that I am currently engaged in the supremest act of trust. :-)

Dolphins & Angels is based in South Croydon and also have a cool blog here.

Check out Aura Soma – who knows what your colours will reveal about you!


Anonymous said...

I saw the name Aura Soma before but didn't bother understanding what is was, I thought that was some new-age nonsense (I am rather against superstition and fortune-telling because my sister and other people close to me abuse it to compensate for their lack of confidence in themselves and in life). But now having read your post, I actually want to pop over to D&A to have a reading. You never know...

Venti said...

Hi Celine, yes, i know what you mean about being skeptical about this sort of stuff. Some of the "new age" systems can be a load of hot air. I think it makes a big difference as to which practitioner you see as well.

I read into Aura Some after my first reading at the show, and the practitioners have to go through fairly substantial training before they can give readings. Aura Soma also links to other systems I've read about and/or studied.

Anyway, glad the post gave you some information about it. Let me know how it goes if you see D&A :-).


Anonymous said...

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