Sunday, March 30, 2008

Please, take a seat...

Seated massage has been around for years, but now seems to be gaining mainstream popularity everywhere, and fast!

It's a versatile style of massage, because it can be done virtually anywhere, on fully clothed clients. For people who've not tried any form of massage, seated massage can be a great introduction - you'll no doubt feel revived even after a 10-minute session. And for stressed out office workers, parents, drivers and pretty much anyone who feels tension in their neck, back, and shoulders, this invigorating massage can be the perfect pick-me-up.

The TouchPro Institute was the original chair massage training organisation founded by David Palmer in the US in 1986. I recently completed my chair massage certification with TouchPro UK over a four-month period, and logged over 100 practice sessions of this invigorating style of acupressure massage.

My colleagues were keen to help me work through my practice sessions of a lunch time. Here's some of their feedback:

"The massages were really relaxing and a great lunchtime treat, and gave me new energy to focus on the afternoon's work load. Should be compulsory in any office environment! I had my second massage the day after some really intense exercise (ballet), so it was great to have my muscles worked on by Mel to ease the strain I was feeling. I would recommend it to anyone!" Anja, Customer Service Executive

“A refreshing technique. After most massages I feel drowsy. This massage left me feeling calm yet rejuvenated.” Becky, Marketing Assistant

“I found Melanie's massages extremely soothing yet effective. It's amazing what she can accomplish in 20 minutes. She definitely put the spring back into my step!” Emma, Account Development Executive.

This week, it was my pleasure to do a shift of seated massage on TouchPro's stand at the Vitality Show in London. It was a fun place to work, and great experience.

I can't believe that only 5 months ago, I received my first seated massage at the Mind Body Spirit Show, and I'm now qualified in the technique. It's certainly addictive!

More seated massage was on the agenda yesterday, when my buddy Anna and I participated in the KXZ4 Kids Expression Zone 4 in Croydon. Run by the charity Croydon Voluntary Action, the event was "for children, young people and their families celebrating their involvement in service delivery in Croydon".

There were all sorts of cool activities - arts and crafts, face painting, and even an indoor rodeo bull! Freshly made up Cinderellas and Spidermen ran excitedly from room to room, while Anna and I massaged their weary parents in a quiet corner.

The recipients seemed surprised that they could chill out so quickly amongst all the hustle and bustle going on around them, and it was a real pleasure to see them leave the massage station feeling a little more refreshed and pampered.

"Croydon Voluntary Action decided to offer massage sessions at our Family Funday so that parents would have something special just for them. It was a great success, it gave busy mums and dads the chance to relax. Demand was high and the massage team were kept really busy. Very enjoyable and a bit different," said CVA's Hilary Bell.

Seated massage can be done in homes and offices, at events, fetes and festivals, club or association meetings, sporting matches or team training sessions - you name it, we can probably get our chairs there!

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